Who we are

 We are a local initiative supporting peace in Ukraine IMMEDIATELY with humanitarian means. We aim to:


  • collect and send donations to Ukraine,
  • support and accompany Ukrainian refugees,
  • cooperate with other local grassroots initiatives,
  • promote dialogue in all possible languages we speak: German, Ukrainian, English, Russian, Romanian, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese.

What we have achieved

  • To date, we have sent 12 trucks and 7 sprinters with humanitarian aid to Ukraine.
  • A total of €21,440 was spent on transport.
  • 3 electrocoagulators with accessories, an endoscope and 10 vacuum mats were purchased for a total of €12,500.
  • Medicines and dressing materials worth €10,150 were handed over.
  • More than €12,000 was spent on products.
  • Purchased a thermal suit for paramedics for €800 (a total of €4,000 is planned for this, delivery is delayed).



Tetyana Pankovska

Tetyana Pankovska

Donations in Siegen

+49 176 73552192

Dr. med. Wassilij Tscherleniak

Dr. med. Wassilij Tscherleniak



Dr. Tetiana Havlin

Dr. Tetiana Havlin



+49 157 74169640

Mariana Vashchyschyn (donations Dillenburg, +49 157 52669442)

Mila Stelter (finance, +49 157 59612335)

Tetiana Fischer and Romanija Noack (spiritual guidance)

Svitlana Kirilova (+49 172 8873201), Anna Schneider and many other volunteers.



Details for financial support

Friedensgruppe Siegen -Hilfe für die Ukraine

IBAN  DE59 4605 0001 0001 2918 55


Donation receipts can be issued upon request.

Collection points

We collect donations for Ukraine at the following addresses:
Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.



Sandstraße 160,

57072 Siegen

Opening hours:

Mon: 17-19
Thu: 16-18

Marienhütte 8,

57080 Siegen

Opening hours:

Wed: 12-16
Fri: 8-12

List of items/medicines still needed

Download as PDF
Liste Januar.pdf (97.63KB)
Download as PDF
Liste Januar.pdf (97.63KB)


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