Who we are

 We are a local initiative supporting peace in Ukraine IMMEDIATELY with humanitarian means. We aim to:


  • collect and send donations to Ukraine,
  • support and accompany Ukrainian refugees,
  • cooperate with other local grassroots initiatives,
  • promote dialogue in all possible languages we speak: German, Ukrainian, English, Russian, Romanian, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese.

What we have achieved

  • To date, we have sent 12 trucks and 7 sprinters with humanitarian aid to Ukraine.
  • A total of €21,440 was spent on transport.
  • 3 electrocoagulators with accessories, an endoscope and 10 vacuum mats were purchased for a total of €12,500.
  • Medicines and dressing materials worth €10,150 were handed over.
  • More than €12,000 was spent on products.
  • Purchased a thermal suit for paramedics for €800 (a total of €4,000 is planned for this, delivery is delayed).

 We are currently collecting funds in the amount of €6,000 to send 36 electric beds for an intensive care unit in Mykolaiv, where hundreds of people are treated every day. Support us with any amount, even small donations are important. Donation account can be found below.



Mariana Vashchyschyn (donations Dillenburg, +49 157 52669442)

Mila Stelter (finance, +49 157 59612335)

Tetiana Fischer and Romanija Noack (spiritual guidance)

Svitlana Kirilova (+49 172 8873201), Anna Schneider and many other volunteers.

FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/479669595546978/
E-Mail adress: info@friedensgruppe-siegen.de


Details for financial support

Friedensgruppe Siegen -Hilfe für die Ukraine

IBAN  DE59 4605 0001 0001 2918 55


Donation receipts can be issued upon request.

Collection points

We collect donations for Ukraine at the following addresses:
Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.



Sandstraße 95,

57072 Siegen

Opening hours:

Mon: 17-19
Thu: 16-18

Marienhütte 8,

57080 Siegen

Opening hours:

Wed: 12-16
Fri: 8-12

List of items/medicines still needed


Photo gallery